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Ein kreativer Spass für Gross und Klein. Giesse deinen eigenen Schoggi-Osterhasen aus feinster Läderach Schokolade. 

Daten und Zeiten
3. März 2018, 10-18 Uhr         
10. März 2018, 10-18 Uhr   
17. März 2018, 10-18 Uhr
24. März 2018, 10-18 Uhr
31. März 2018, 10-18 Uhr   

Kosten pro Person: EUR 15

Minderjährige müssen von einer erwachsenen Person begleitet werden.

Läderach café

Relax and enjoy the world of chocolate... 

Take a moment to relax and indulge in Läderach delicacies. For those who want to treat themselves to something special, we have a range of chocolate tasting menus: handmade specialities such as pralines, fresh chocolate or Mini Mousses are served at the tables on étagères for you to try.

Special highlight: warm and cold chocolate drinks are freshly mixed from the chocolate fountain using Läderach couverture and milk, and then refined with other ingredients as desired. Refreshing hot and cold teas with ingredients such as hibiscus, Tasmanian pepper or lemongrass are also available.

freshChocolate on Demand

Discover a wide variety of handmade delicacies in our chocolate boutique in Berlin.


Gift idea
Order any freshChocolate you like in the Chocolate Showroom in Bilten. Choose your chocolate, shape and ingredients and experience how your very own freshChocolate is created and individually labelled.

Book now via Email Chocoatelier.Berlin@laederach.de or by phone +49 30 2083 76 79.


ChocoAtelier Berlin
Tauentzienstrasse 4
10789 Berlin
+49 30 208 376 79

+49 30 208 379 80
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